Aug 26, 2016

camping etna, day 5

today they built a camp in the woods.  and a giant web. dressing up and playing.

it was a lovely week!

Aug 25, 2016

camping etna, day 4

in the morning, mobiles.   in the afternoon, stamping and painting on canvas.

Aug 24, 2016

camping etna, day 3

today the kids painted in open air :)

Aug 23, 2016

camping etna, day 2

today the kids went to the park to discover nature.  they made sketches in a little book. in the afternoon they drew themselfs riding on an animal they had seen in the morning. the results are so beautiful! more later :)

Aug 22, 2016

camping etna, day 1

deatils from the first day.
collecting material from the park and designing/creating a cabin.

camping etna

today Camping Etna starts.
will post some photos every day.
have a nice week!

Aug 20, 2016

deep in the woods

the latest image for Etna.
next week Camping Etna! if you want to join, last minute, act fast!

Aug 18, 2016

still life

pretty details in Christine's home.

Aug 16, 2016


the first one i saw reminded me of an embroidery sample.  i really like these, all of them.

Aug 13, 2016

ruth and zeefje in their pretty home.